Stampin’ Up! Product Showcase – Stampin’ Trimmer

The Stampin’ Trimmer (now retired) is in my opinion one of the best paper cutting tool of it’s size on the market.

Compact and Lightweight: with a large cutting area. It’s size and weight means that it is a vital portable tool to have in your craft equipment, easy to carry to workshops or to visit and craft with friends, and doesn’t take up too much space on the crafting table. Yet can cut 12 x 12 inch paper / card with ease.

Platform Design:: There are a number of features which make the Stampin’ Trimmer my go-to tool for cutting and scoring:

  • Large work area [A] – sufficient to cut 12 x 12 inch (30.5 x 30.5 cm) paper / card stock with ease.
  • Compact – the 15.9 cm cutting base ‘covers’ most projects [B], but has an extendable arm [C] to create a 36.5 cm ruler for larger projects.
  • Metric and imperial rulers – the side guide is both metric (cm) and imperial (inch) [D], due to readability constraints the trimmer track is only metric (cm) [E].
  • Metric grid [F] – the platform plate is completely marked up with a grid layout (metric), enabling easy paper / card alignment.
  • Ruler and grid markings are protected by a durable plastic cover – the numbers and lines will never fade / rub away away. This cover also facilitates easy cleaning – I find that with use I manage to get ink and glue on my trimmer so it occasionally needs a ‘spring’ clean.
  • Raised alignment guides [G] – at both ends of the platform, the guide is slightly raised, this enables perfect alighment to ensure 90 degree angles in your cuts, but your straight edge to one of these guides before cutting / scoring
  • Cutting [H] and Scoring [I] blades available to use without resetting / changing the trimmer’s settings.
  • Cutting and scoring blades have points on them aligned to the actual blade for precise measuring.

Scoring and cutting: The most important features of the Stampin’ Trimmer is cutting and scoring, the trimmer comes with both a cutting, dark grey blade [H] and a scoring blade, light grey blade [I], there no need for a separate scoring tool in your craft supplies, both blades available and ready to use at any time without needing to swap them. There is sufficient space for both of the blades to sit on the track simultaneously and still enable a full 12-inch paper cut or score, which can be performed in both directions along the trimmer’s track.

To cut or score you position your paper / card stock and when aligned, gently depress the blade in use and push along the trimmer’s track, please note that if you haven’t pushed aside the blade you are not using, this does not matter as you can just push it along the trimmer track WITHOUT depressing it and it will have no affect on the paper / card stock, you can then use the required blade to perform your cut / score.

The points on the blades can be used for additional alignment – for example if you wish to cut an aperture in your paper / card stock, simply position the paper / card stock in the trimmer at the right depth from the edge (parallel to the trimmer’s track), then use the track measurement guide and the pointer on the blade to a start position at the required distance in from the edge of your paper / card stock, when correctly positioned push down (gently) then push the blade along the trimmer to a pre-determined ‘stop’ measurement on the trimmer track, when the pointer on the blade reaches this ‘stop’ measurement the blade will have completed the cut. Spin the card and repeat to create the required aperture (or other non edge-to-edge) cut.

Replaceable Blades: Cutting paper and card stock will, over time, blunt the cutting blade, this will happen with any trimmer, but it is not an issue with the Stampin’ Trimmer as spare cutting and scoring blades can be easily sourced via my online shop, there are 2 blades per pack. Replacing the blades is easy, simply lift the trimmer track, there is a little wider gap [J] at the far end of the trimmer track (from the logo) that is a little wider, move your old blade to this spot, lift the track, push up from the bottom and the old blade will pop out. Push the new blade in to the gap in the same orientation as the blade just removed.

Lift-able and Lockable Trimmer Track: The trimmer track [K] is lift-able (on hinges at either end) to enable easy positioning of the paper / card stock (or when maintaining the blades / cutting mat). In addition when the trimmer track is in the lowered position it can be locked using the slider button [L] at the logo end of the platform. The is especially useful when carrying the platform as it minimises the risk of the trimmer track falling open and getting damaged.

Removable cutting mat (blade guide): Occasionally little bits of paper / card (or even glitter) can get caught in the cutting mat (blade guide) [M], this is the recessed grove the blade runs along. In the Stampin’ Trimmer this cutting mat (blade guide) is removable and as such can be easily cleaned or even replaced in the unlikely event that it becomes damaged. There is a small finger hole [N] at the logon end of the platform to assist in this being removed.

To clear it of debris, just tap it on the counter and the bits fall away, if there is a particularly stubborn trapped piece of debris, you can try to get a slim pointed tool (such as a fine ball tool) and drag carefully along the grove – taking care not to damage the grove. There are two sides to this cutting mat (blade guide), so if one side gets damaged it can be turned over and replaced with the non damaged side facing up. If in the unlikely events that both sides become worn, damaged or simply lost, replacement cutting mats (blade guide) can be sourced via my online shop, there are 2 cutting mats (blade guides) per pack.

Extending ruler: In order to cater for the larger projects, there is a extra-wide extending ruler on a folding arm [C], changing the cutting platform from 16 cm (6 inches) to 36.5 cm (over 14 inches). This ruler arm neatly folds away when not in use (most projects). Underneath the folding arm has a fold-away foot [O] which stabilises the arm when extended.

Rubber feet: The Stampin’ Trimmer has small rubber feet [P] underneath which keeps it flat and stable (without slipping) when used on your crafting worktop.

Storage Compartment: Also underneath is a storage compartment [Q], which can be used to hold additional items useful when cutting / scoring, for example a bone folder to burnish score lines, a pencil for marking up cutting and scoring measurements, a piece of kitchen foil for helping keep a cutting blade sharp, although the best use of this space is to keep a set of replacement cutting blades handy and easy to find – useful if your blade starts to snag (becomes blunt).

Some handy hints to make the most of your Stampin’ Trimmer:

  • To prolong the life of your cutting blade alternate cutting between both directions along the trimmer’s track.
  • Push whichever blade you are not using to the other end of the trimmer track – to avoid the risk of cutting card when you meant to score.
  • Ensure the trimmer cutting mat (guide) remains clear of debris and has not become damaged or bent.
  • If your blade starts to get blunt, try to ‘sharpen’ it by cutting kitchen foil a few times, before resorting to a new blade.
  • Always butt a straight edge of your card to the raised side guides to ensure 90 degree cutting edges, if you do not have a straight edge, trim a small strip off the card to create a straight edge.
  • Use the cutting (or scoring) blade between previously measured points on your project (marked with a pencil?) to perform free format (straight line) cuts )or scores) e.g. cuts on a diagonal or aperture cutting.
  • Always lock your trimmer track when not using it to minimise the risk of damage
  • Name your trimmer! everyone who knows about them has one (and they are all the same in look) – there’s nothing more disappointing than going somewhere with s Stampin’ Trimmer with a fresh blade, muddling them up and finding out that the blade is blunt when you do your next project as you took home the wrong trimmer

As you can see there are a significant number of features which sells this trimmer as a useful addition to your crafting toolset, if you don’t have one already you can purchase via my online shop.

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