Stamparatus Technique #1 – Precision Stamping

Welcome to my post for the Stamparatus Technique #1 – Precision Stamping.

The key features of the Stamparatus beneficial for accurate precision stamping are:

  • Multiple stamping plates – both can be attached to the base plate at the same time (top and side plates), enabling you to precision place a number of different stamps at the same time for your project, thereby facilitating quicker project completion.
  • Removable stamping plates – double sided plates, the stamping plates can be removed and turned over, thereby facilitating the use of four different stamp set-ups (positions).

For this project I initially set up the Stamparatus plates with the 3 elements used; the Swirly Frames border and the 2 elements of the Hand Delivered girl, holding the board, one element on each side of the top stamping plate, so that both could be stamped without re-positioning and just by flipping the plate. All the stamps were aligned on the plates to one another and to be central on the Whisper White card, which was cut to the size required for the final card (I was producing multiple cards -8, all of my cardstock was cut the same), the card was positioned tight to the top and right side of the Stamparatus.

First the frame was inked with Memento Black and side plate was closed on its hinge to stamp this onto the card, open this and the image will be accurately positioned on the card every time. Use the magnet to prevent the card lifting with the stamp, but if it does just place it back in the same position (in this case tight to the top and right side) and any further stamping will be correctly located.

The frame wasn’t 100% clear

Re-stamped to produce a clear image

One benefit of using the Stamparatus for precision stamping, is that if the image is not clearly stamped, the plate can be re-closed (with the card in the same position) and the missing part of the image will be stamped. If however on inking part of the stamp was missed, the process same can be performed, after first re-inking the stamp.

Top plate: First the board was stamped

The top plate was then flipped

And the skirt and legs of the girl stamped

Perfectly matching the previously stamped board

These actions were then repeated, in alternating sequence to minimise the number of times the top plate needed to be flipped, to complete the eight cards.

After this, I used a variety of masks to add the Handwritten image to the background in Blackberry Bliss. For clear-mount stamps you remove the black foam pad to obtain the perfect depth for stamping. I found that due to the large size of the stamp, in order to apply even pressure to obtain a perfect image I needed to move the card and the stamp away from the top / right corner of the Stamparatus. Therefore to ensure that every sheet was accurately positioned, I created a template the same size as my card piece, in which to place each card for stamping. This template was kept in place by a magnet. This had the added benefit of providing an overlap so that the Blackberry Bliss did not stain the Stamparatus base plate.

The stamped image waiting to be masked and stamped with the background

First the frame was masked so the outside edges could be stamped (1st generation stamping)

I then masked the girl (I didn’t want her stamped with the background!)

Stamped without re-inking (2nd generation stamping), ensured the continuity of the words, but in a lighter shade within the frame

Due to the depth of the frame, which I wanted to remain clear, I also created an outside edge mask – this wasn’t strictly necessary as the precision of the Stamparatus would mean that the second stamping would be positioned exactly over the previous stamping so would remain precise with no shadow.

I repeated a similar process to create the spinning circle, using a similar approach as above of a template to precisely position the circles for printing.

The finished cards:

Yes, there are other stamp positioning tools on the market, but none as good as the Stamparatus… For more information on the Stamparatus please refer to my Stamparatus Product Showcase page.

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