Stamparatus Technique #3 – Wreath Stamping

Welcome to my post for the Stamparatus Technique #3 – Wreath Stamping.

The first step in the wreath technique is to create your wreath template. For this I draw a template on graph paper, on which I align my cardstock for stamping. Others create templates which are die-cut or fussy cut into which the stamping cardstock can be positioned (I will add to this post later with an example of this).

Stampin Up have released a small grid paper pad which is perfect for this technique, metric one side and imperial the other.

Small Grid Paper.
Paper Grid

The stamping cardstock needs to be a square for this technique, decide on the size, in this technique I used a 4 inch square (therefore using the imperial side of the Small Grid Paper). First, mark up the middle of the grid paper, at a cross section of the grid lines (I avoid the solid lines on the grid paper as positioning on these could cause some confusion). Draw the initial square on the grid paper, parallel to the top and sides of the grid paper, ensuring the mark in the middle of the grid paper is the centre point of your square. Measure your diagonal, and work out the halfway point of that measurement. From top to bottom (on the centre grid line), with the centre point of the square positioned at the halfway point of the diagonal measurement, mark the top and bottom points – the length of your diagonal measurement. Repeat from side to side, you will then have your 4 points of your second square, join your marks (the side measurements should be 4 inches, in this example). You will have an eight pointed star once you have drawn both squares on your grid paper.

With the card stock alighed to the initial square (parallel to top and sides), position your stamp(s), use the magnets to keep the card stock positioned as you work. I did a practice run on scrap paper to ensure that the elephants were in the correct position to meet trunk to tail, when stamped (see below). For a 4 inch square wreath, the small elephant was the right size for this.

I then positioned the hearts.

Having stamped the first elephant, twist the cardstock to align with the second square (the one on the diagonal), use the magnet(s) to secure. I twisted anti-clockwise but it doesn’t matter which way you work (it’s your preference), and stamp the second elephant and hearts.

Continue this process twisting the card by one point of your template (‘star’) for each round of stamping.

At the end your stamped card stock should look similar to this, and then make up into cards.

Yes, there are other stamp positioning tools on the market, but none as good as the Stamparatus… For more information on the Stamparatus please refer to my Stamparatus Product Showcase page.

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